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Teddy Tales

In Teddy Tales you must build as many teddies as possible, solve the key pattern and release all the teddy bears in their paradise. You can also unlock quotes by famous teddies.

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Point overview

  • Match 1 XP
  • Teddy 50 XP
  • Round completed 200 XP
  • Bonus spin 400 XP

User reviews

Teddy Tales

by tinkerbell44
I absolutely love Teddy Tales now and I very rarely played it before it came out in the week 23 challenge dated June 3, 2015. I had to assemble 24 teddies in the normal level in one game to unlock the hard level to even attempt to earn the weekly challenge and I was successful in both instances. The graphics and sound effects are exceptionally outstanding also. Thank you Playtopia for creating such a fun and enchanting game. Tinkerbell44